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The Ebenezer Children’s Home, based in a village 10km outside of Chennai, cares for poor, homeless and orphaned children from the streets of Southern India.  The home is a very special place which has a big family atmosphere, providing the children with security, allowing them to grow up with love and fellowship within their lives.
The children live within a purpose built home away from the noise and pollution of Chennai City, where they are provided with an education, nutritious food, clothing, shelter and good health care.

When we take on the responsibility for a child we believe it is, in the widest sense, a life-long commitment. The Home's environment encourages academic progress, develops good social and cultural awareness and provides plenty of room for the children to play. And perhaps of greatest importance we try to give them somewhere they feel they can belong, a home which gives them strength to find a meaningful place in society. All of this gives each child a higher quality of life and prepares them for a bright and secure future, a prospect they would never have had.

EHSO provides further support for children who have finished school and are leaving the children's home, by giving them the opportunity to further their training and education through the extended sponsorship programme.

After many years, the children’s home has become an integral part of the local community. Many of the people working at the home are from the area and all the children go to the school in the village. We have further developed local relationships by providing practical help through local community projects.  
The Ebenezer Children's Home
Children at the Home
Children at the Home